Project Movements and Factory Moves

Sheraton International Shipping offer a comprehensive Project Management service where all aspects of a project are carefully planned and handled. From Pre-Shipment and shipping to delivery site , Sheraton's long experience and worldwide contacts ensure an all inclusive service.

The team operate successfully in all locations due to our experience and knowledge of different cultures, business practices and challenges specific to the many different regions.

By working with design and engineering personnel prior to fabrication or dismantling, we are able to advise on even the smallest of issues that could possibly prevent a successful outcome, or that may simply save a company valuable time on time sensitive projects.

Our attention to detail ensure successful and cost efficient solutions to project movements.

Recent shipments have included

2 Power stations from Dublin to Vietnam
Dunlop Tyre Factory from Cork to Xingang
Carpet Factories from UK and Poland to NingBo
Satellite Tracking Stations to Southern Yemen
Textile Factories to India and Pakistan
Chemical Laboratories from UK to Jebel Ali
Wallpaper Factory from Germany to Lithuania